My doubts

It really took a while before I started blogging. As you may notice, I don’t write that often. I am trying to keep it up, but it takes time and a lot of patience. Before I started this blog I had so many doubts. Of course you should never give up, because patience leads to beautiful endings. My goals this year is to 1) Post 3 times a week and 2) get my blog noticed (somehow). Is it all about the likes and sharing? No it isn’t, but of course you want people to read your posts.

I really wanted to start this blog, but somehow I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve with it. You can do something without having a goal and just be like: I’ll see where it will takes me. But I didn’t think that it would be a good idea. In Islam your (good) deeds are all about your intention. You don’t want it to have a negative outcome. So, I sat down for weeks thinking what I wanted to achieve with this blog. Being an inspiration for others has always been one of my goals in life. The more the better, but even if I could be an inspiration to one person, that would mean everything to me. Besides wanting to be an inspiration for others I  thought it would be the best solution for keeping my writings in one place. I can’t write very good, but I am practicing.

Having a blog is sharing yourself with others. Your writings say a lot about you – about how you think and what you went through in life -. That was a huge step for me to accept: people will know you, because of your writings. You give them a ticket to your heart and mind. It’s not that I have to, but still you will share a part of you. I am not afraid anymore of sharing personal stuff with you.

I thought having a blog would change you as a person. The fear of changing had nothing to with starting a blog. I was just figuring myself out, my goals in life, my passion(s) – in short, I was finding myself-. It felt like a change, but it was more an update.

I really want to make the best of it. I will try my best to blog more and keep you up-to-date. It is amazing to see how people from different countries all over the world are reading my blog. You can subscribe, share and of course always contact me.

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Lots of Love,




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