Spoken World


Last night I went to the ‘Spoken World’ event. It was an evening full of Spoken Words. My friend Seda asked me to join her and of course I said: ‘Yes!’

As we walked in, the atmosphere made me feel at ease. You could feel the passion and love. It’s nice to see how people are gifted with such an amazing talents. The Spoken Words were amazing!

These topics came along: Time, Life, Dreams, Love, Society, Be yourself/ Find yourself (and many more).

For me, it was more than an evening of Spoken Words. It was an evening of reminders. They reminded me of:

  •  how it’s so important to be yourself, to find yourself, but the most important: to love yourself. Just be proud of who you are!
  •  how time is something you will never get back when it’s lost. Don’t waste your time.
  • how you should LIVE your life.  What does life mean to you? There were two persons who both had recently lost someone. What would you do, if today was your last day? What do you want to accomplish in life? Stop saying: I will start tomorrow. Start now!

Don’t worry, not all the Spoken Words were that serious.
It was an amazing night!

Lots of love,



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